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Our ergonomic chair is crafted with genuine leather and serves to enhance focus, alleviate fatigue, and straighten the spine by supporting you when you sit for long periods of time. It allows you to be active when you have sat for too long, leaning forward or sideways.

Elbow support - It brings elbows to level with the desk and helps to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.

Chest support - The chest support helps to maintain a straight spine and relaxes the back muscles for a comfortable posture. With a slight push towards the chest frame, it is easily adjustable to any angle.

Pelvis support - By supporting and placing the hip and pelvis region correctly, it helps to keep the right back curvature.

The lever allows you to raise and lower to adjust the chair’s height.

Ergonomic chair

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Genuine Leather

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