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Co-living is the New Era of Living

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

In the recent times, the post-covid world has shown people the importance of community and connections. Co-living has become increasingly popular especially among millennials and young professionals who are looking for affordable and adaptable housing solutions. Interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures in a safe environment is made possible in co-living situations, which can advance both personal and professional development.

The worldwide co-living business "is expected to grow at a significant rate between 2022 and 2029," according to a new MarketWatch research. (Watch, 2023) According to the survey, factors including urbanization, shifting lifestyles, and the demand for cheap housing options are fueling the market expansion for co-living.

1. Coliving provides flexibility

Co-living spaces also provide short-term leases that let residents stay for a few months to a year, depending on their circumstances. This makes it a fantastic option for folks who don't know what their long-term objectives are or who need a temporary living situation. At The HANNAH, we offer flexible lease solutions because we understand that life happens and we want to make that easier for you.

2. Coliving is cost-effective

Renting a new apartment on your own may be fairly expensive when you include agent fees, the price of purchasing new furniture, toiletries, and kitchen supplies are all taken into account. When you stay at The HANNAH, we provide quality furniture pieces and all of the living necessities so that you do not have to trouble yourself with those.

3. Coliving is hassle-free and time saving.

Your work is not done once you've agreed to a lease for a new house, in fact this is just the beginning of a list of things to do to make your new apartment seem like home. This includes setting up the utilities, arranging your monthly bills for electricity, water and wifi. You will probably also need to hire a house cleaner or work out a cleaning duty roster with your housemates. Managing a household requires time. At The HANNAH, we manage all of these things for you so that you can spend time doing things that are important for yourself.

4. Coliving helps you to live light. Instead of having to throw away or sell a bunch of furniture when you move, Coliving lets you simply get up and go once your lease is done.

5. Coliving provides you with community

Moving to a new city or having a busy work schedule, or simply not sure of how to make friends - all of these things can be difficult so at The HANNAH, we organise events like movie night, barbeque dinners to allow opportunities for community and connection.

Experience a comfortable and fulfilling stay at The HANNAH, where we are here to help you focus on the things that matter while we take care of the rest.

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