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Coliving Benefits on Mental Health

Transform Your Mental Health Through Co-Living in Singapore (2023)

In recent years, the concept of "co-living" has been gaining traction in the rental market. At its core, co-living refers to shared living spaces that are specifically designed for a community of roommates. With its growing popularity, certain studies have begun to explore how this type of arrangement could potentially benefit mental health.

Co-living can provide many potential mental health benefits, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19. Coliving is also a more cost-effective way to rent rooms when all utilities and access to an array of amenities is included in your rent, as compared to traditional rentals where your rent only gets you an apartment space. At The HANNAH, your rent includes all the utilities such as complimentary high-speed wifi, smart TV, water, electricity and also classpass membership and exclusive access to our coworking space and community events. Furthermore, at The HANNAH we do not charge agent fees unlike traditional rentals where agent fees can easily cost a sum.

This can be especially beneficial for those looking for homes or rooms to rent in Singapore, as co-living spaces are often more affordable than other rental spaces especially when utilities such as water, electricity, and wifi has yet to be factored in. Additionally, co-living provides support by enabling access to amenities such as gyms, classes and communal spaces which provide opportunities for social interaction and the sharing of common interests.

Introduction to Mental Health Benefits of Co-Living In Singapore

Co-living is an increasingly popular housing option that offers many benefits, especially when it comes to mental health. Studies have found that living in a communal environment can positively impact our mental health and quality of life.

One study found that co-living was associated with self-perceived physical and mental health outcomes and quality of life. It also showed that social isolation was reduced by increasing social resources, which led to an improved sense of community.

Another study revealed that co-living may reduce age-related health decline, promote cognitive skills, and improve overall mental health. In addition, walking more to use local services and being more socially active by participating in social events can reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing. At The HANNAH, we are constantly organising events for connection and community.

Co-living has been found to be beneficial for improving aspects of social, mental, financial and community wellbeing.

Co-living Provides a Sense of Community and Reduces Loneliness

One of the key benefits of living in a co-living space is the sense of community and reducing loneliness. Co-living spaces are designed to encourage social interaction and shared activities, which can help reduce feelings of isolation and improve mental health. Additionally, co-living spaces often have communal areas such as lounges or kitchens that provide an opportunity for people to gather together to share experiences and talk about common interests.

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, social support is essential for good mental health. Co-living provides a sense of community, reducing loneliness and social isolation, which are major contributors to mental health issues. Living with like-minded individuals in a co-living space can create a supportive environment and help build meaningful relationships. For those looking for rooms to rent in Singapore, co-living may be particularly attractive due to its affordability and access to communal amenities.

Co-Living Encourages Healthy Habits

According to the World Health Organization, good mental health is associated with healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular physical activity and nutritious meals. When you live in a co-living space, you are surrounded by people who have similar interests and goals, making it easier to establish healthy habits. This can also have an impact on your mental health, as healthy lifestyle habits can help reduce stress and anxiety when renting rooms in Singapore or elsewhere.

In addition, co-living often provides communal amenities that make it easier to establish healthy habits. Many co-living spaces have gyms, pools and other recreational facilities which can be used by all residents. This provides an opportunity for people to exercise regularly and establish positive habits which can improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Co-living Spaces Provide Opportunities for Social Interaction and Improved Well-being

Research shows that social interaction can have a positive impact on mental health, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The community-based environment provides increased social contact which helps with emotional regulation, reducing the risk of developing mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Co-living spaces provide opportunities for social interaction, whether it's cooking together or participating in communal events or working together in shared workspaces--all activities that benefit from having multiple people living under one roof when renting rooms in Singapore or elsewhere. This type of interaction can improve well-being and reduce the risk of mental health problems.

Co-living Promotes Independence and Increases Financial Stability

One of the biggest benefits of co-living is its affordability, especially for those who are looking for rooms to rent in Singapore or elsewhere. With a shared living space, you can save on rent, utilities and other costs associated with living alone. This can help reduce financial strain which is linked to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

This can help improve overall wellbeing by allowing more freedom for budgeting, travel or other activities that enhance quality of life. Additionally, this freedom allows for greater autonomy in decision making and lifestyle choices, promoting independence. This can help foster feelings of self-sufficiency, which is associated with improved mental health.

Co-living Spaces Foster a Sense of Belonging

Living in a co-living space can foster a sense of belonging, which is important for mental health. This is especially true when renting rooms in Singapore or other locations, where many people may feel isolated and lonely. In a co-living space, individuals can create meaningful relationships that provide feelings of safety and acceptance, allowing them to build an environment where they can feel at home. These connections can provide social support and a sense of community, which are critical to mental wellbeing.

These relationships can also help reduce feelings of loneliness and depression, as people are able to connect with others in meaningful ways. This connection can be particularly beneficial when looking for rooms to rent in Singapore or other locations, as it provides an opportunity for residents to develop a strong social network which can provide support even after they move on from the co-living space.


The research is clear: co-living has a positive impact on mental health. From encouraging healthy habits to providing opportunities for social interaction and fostering a sense of belonging, living in close proximity - Co-Living provides an array of psychological benefits including improved emotional regulation, reduced stress levels and better financial stability.

Co-living is a popular housing option for those looking for rooms to rent in Singapore as well as other cities around the world. It offers an affordable way to access rental apartments with amenities such as gyms and communal spaces. In addition, it has been found to provide many mental health benefits, including reducing loneliness and social isolation, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, and providing a sense of community.

At The HANNAH, we believe in creating a home for those seeking a place to call their own. Our modern living solutions offer flexible, fully-furnished accommodations with access to communal amenities such as gyms and shared workspaces. If you’re interested in learning more about our co-living spaces or looking for rooms to rent in Singapore, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect space for your lifestyle and mental health.

At The HANNAH, we want to help our tenants create meaningful connections and foster good mental health. Contact us today to learn more about our co-living spaces, and other rental options. We look forward to helping you find the perfect home!

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